HIV Mucosal Immunology Group

HIV-Mucosal Immunology Group (MIG) Request for Proposals (RFP)

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support innovative research projects from basic, applied, or translational scientists and clinicians working in HIV mucosal immunity in order to advance one or more of the MIG scientific areas of interest. Proposed research activities should be consistent with current NIH HIV/AIDS research priorities.

Proposals responding to the MIG RFP should address one or more of the following four scientific areas of interest:

1. Develop improved methodologies to interrogate and analyze the tissue microenvironment, mucosal fluids, and cellular and molecular interactions within human genital, oral, lung, and colorectal mucosa as these factors relate to HIV infection and/or immune responses to HIV.

2. Develop and advance human mucosal tissue models that may more closely mimic HIV interactions in an intact mucosal environment and provide potentially more predictive value to better inform product decisions for multiple HIV preventive and therapeutic modalities.

3. Evaluate the role of gut, oral, lung and genital microbiomes (bacteria, fungi, viruses) in modulating the effects of HIV prevention and therapeutic interventions, particularly vaccine-mediated responses, in mucosal tissues and fluids.

4. Explore the dynamics of mucosal HIV-1 latent reservoir formation in breakthrough cases/controls within HIV vaccine, immunoprophylaxis, and immunotherapeutic studies, with a goal to gain insight into the contribution of pre- and post-infection immune responses on the reservoir size and kinetics.

By Tuesday, September 4, 2018, investigators interested in applying for a MIG award should have completed the following:

    • Download the complete MIG Aug 1, 2018 RFP announcement

    • Download the MIG Checklist for inclusion in your application

    • Complete your application including all necessary budget, project scope, personnel and supporting information requested in the full MIG RFP announcement application

    • A signed Letter of Intent on your institutional letterhead; a separate LOI is required for each PI or co-PI on the application in order for a sub-award to be issued. (Download LOI example template here)

    • Securely upload your complete application file as a PDF (please limit file size to ~10MB or less) using the appropriate naming convention. You will receive a confirmatory e-mail once your application has been successfully uploaded.

MIG awards will be for one year with maximum funding per application of up to $90,000 Total Costs. Because of accelerated funding timelines, if awarded, successful applicants will be expected to begin work immediately upon receipt of funds.


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