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The HVTN relies upon the collective wisdom and creativity of many investigators to pursue studies that will move us closer to finding an effective HIV preventive vaccine. As such, we welcome the ideas of skilled investigators regarding new studies that are not currently being pursued.  We suggest the following steps you should take to determine if your concept is something that can be done in cooperation with the Mucosal Immunology Group:  

  1. Review the Mucosal Immunology Group (MIG) Scientific Agenda. Does your concept fit into and advance the agenda? Studies could include those with mucosal samples collected by you or those that would require mucosal specimens collected by other members of the MIG.  The MIG program is a DAIDS sponsored program; in general, MIG projects are supported for one year.
  2. Prepare a brief synopsis of the idea. Use the Scientific Idea Submission Form below to prepare a brief description of the project.  The idea will receive an initial review by MIG leadership to determine if it meets the scientific agenda criteria and time requirements.  You will be contacted within two weeks of submission with further details.

If you have any questions, or prefer to submit an attached proposal, instead of utilizing the submission form, please e-mail Mary Gross.  Attached proposals should include the study hypothesis, objectives, experimental design, specimen details, and budgetary requirements (if applicable). 


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